explaining autism

this actually made me tear up

i love Arthur so fucking much.

Having a brother who has Autism, this made me really happy.

Damn, Arthur is srs bidness

this is beautiful

i’m about to cry. this is literally perfect. i never say that about anything, ever. usually NO ONE gets autism right, ESPECIALLY not the media. this is so beautiful. please, please, spread this around.

Relatable post is relatable. Even if you believe in a scale of autism rather than black and white, this is honestly how we feel a lot of the time, even as we get older.

I had no idea that they even did this, this is just awesome. A great way to teach kids about autism and what it is. Having a brother with autism this means a lot to me. This just adds to the reasons why I’ve always loved Arthur.

Wow. Just Wow. I am truly amazed. This is so beautiful. :’) It’s a fantastic way to explain autism to kids, well anybody really. I didn’t know they did this kind of stuff. Way to go Arthur!

This is a great blog to follow, seriously

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The Films of David Fincher

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Samantha Wright.
tinker bell + hulk = hero.

You again, you gorgeous thing

She’s just too much gorgeous packed into one person.

There should be a law, or something. Yowza.

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heres my new rap guys. check out my rap

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Ladies and gentlemen, Brick Romney. 

May this meme flourish and never die. 

This may be the most brilliant thing I’ve seen come out of the election so far.

Well, nothing I do will ever make me laugh harder than this did just now, so I guess I’m just gonna hang up my writer hat and become an office manager.

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